AN article under this title in the Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, No. 4, for i886, was devoted to an examination of Mr. Jules Marcou’s theory that the name of the New World was taken from that of a mountain range in Nicaragua, and was, therefore, of purely American origin. This theory was advanced in a paper contributed by Mr. Marcou to the A/lan/ic Mon/hly, as well as to the Bulletin of the Paris Geo graphical Society, in I875. He has now returned to the subject.*

If his theory, as first published, failed to meet with acceptance, the reason for this lay rather in the inherent weakness of the argument than in any defect of style or manner in the paper itself. It is, unfortunately, impos sible to say as much for the present work. The argu ment has gained nothing in strength by the lapse of time, and the spirit which pervades this pamphlet of eighty pages is not to be commended.

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